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Motorcycles are not just fun and enjoyable to ride at your leisure; they are also modern vehicles for people to commute, especially in urban areas. It's not easy to find the right bike that's affordable and also fits your life style and your personality. has aggregated a lot of motorcycles for sale by different makes and models. Have fun searching!

Motorcycle of the Day (9/23/2017) @ $24,600 for 1929 Harley-Davidson D no reserve* 1929 Harley Davi

By Rider | Sunday, September 24, 2017 | Comments(0)

Harley-Davidson, Motorcycle of the Day
Very rare 1929 Harley-Davidson Model D Twin. They made this twin headlight Harley for one year only. There's not many of this model around anymore as a lot were melted down for metal during WWII, last one sold was over a year ago. Rare to come up for sale in this fantastic condition with mostly original parts including original nickel plated parts. This bike was mechanically rebuilt and repainted in 2014 by Geoff Lyons in Driggs Idaho, 45 ci engine ... read blog

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