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Motorcycle of the Day (7/2/2017) @ $62,100 for 1938 Indian 438 1938 Indian 4 (4 cylinder) numbers m

By Rider | Monday, July 03, 2017 | Comments(0)

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The 1938 and ’39 Indian Fours were a hurry-up redesign after the unpopular ‘upside down’ fours of 1936-37. Indian returned the cylinder heads to IOE, now in aluminum, delivering about 40 HP with an easy tuning potential for a reliable 50 HP. They were 100-plus MPH machines, with a solid chassis, stable handling and reliable motors. The first ‘all Indian’ Fours of 1929 weighed about 455 pounds, and the 1938 version had hardly gained weight for its power increase, tipping the scales at 480 pounds. Gaining 10 HP for an extra 25 pounds was quite a bargain, and the performance of the Model 438 was scintillating indeed. A total styling change for 1940 changed all that. Deep-skirted fenders were added front and rear, and a plunger frame to increase rider comfort meant the last 4-cylinder models of 1940-42 crushed the scales at 568 pounds. They are, of course, legendarily beautiful as well, but the late-‘30s models also have lovely streamlined lines, with the added attraction of being a smooth, tractable and quick-accelerating machine. The 1938 and ‘39 Fours are generally considered the last of truly sporty 4-cylinder Indians, which are every bit as beautiful as the later deep-skirt models. And as the company was still owned by the DuPont family (since 1931), the color palette available to an owner was vast; the color range possible with Indians in the 1930s included any paint DuPont made! *****No Reserve****** It's finally time for me to sell my prized possession. With a growing family i am selling this collectors item to the highest bidder. If you are looking at this bike, chances are you know what it is your looking at. Please contact me with any questions. Brian 248-240-4991 I rode the bike the same day I took the pictures. I also have a short video on you tube if you search "1938 Indian 4". I did put a repop pipe(Starklite Cycle) classic look. The pipe it had on it was what I believe a side car pipe as it bends down away from side car passenger. I'm not sure if it ever had a side car but most bikes back then were set up to hook up to a side car. Also you can see that I do have the tool box with all hardware along with the original air breather. The stock breather has zero filtration so another (1942ish) antique Indian breather is on the bike because it does have at least copper screen in it.1938438DCH101-up4 438101-upIndian 4, 78ci ******numbers matching engine to Frame****** On Jun-25-17 at 09:21:15 PDT, seller added the following information: When i purchased the bike in 2015 I was told by the original owners son that the engine was sent out to Longbeach, Ca to Ken Young and Sons for a complete overhaul. There is no documentation. John told me his dad had only ridden the bike two to three times after rebuild. I can tell you that I Put gas into the bike and it fired on the second kick. It has always been stored in a climate controlled environment.

Sold at: 7/2/2017 08:50
Sold Price:$62,100
# of Bids:51
Location:Lapeer, Michigan

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