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Motorcycle of the Day (11/21/2017) @ $35,000 for 2010 Custom Built Motorcycles Chopper cobra bike c

By Rider | Wednesday, November 22, 2017 | Comments(0)

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Custom chopper designed and built to look like a cobra. From the gas tank that is the cobra head with teeth to the long tail it is a unique bike. The frame is an Atlas Twin Cam B Softail frame with a 53 degree rake. The motor is a JIMS 120 cu. in. which are built from Harley motors. It has a standard Harley carburetor. The front end is a Triple Show Springer from Jeris Springer. The transmission is a Baker six speed right side. The pipes are Sho Cut Big Gun pipes. The bike was built by Earl Small's Harley Davidson. The custom paint is by Latisha Wood who has painted many of the show choppers. The bike has all the equipment for street use including lights, turn signals, break lights, speedometer and odometer. It has never been titled. I have the frame and engine MSO with VINS. The bike was completely serviced before this listing.

Sold at: 11/21/2017 05:43
Sold Price:$35,000
# of Bids:1
Location:Palm Harbor, Florida

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