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Motorcycle of the Day (1/3/2018) @ $21,050 for 1947 Harley-Davidson Other 1947 Harley Davidson Knuc

By Rider | Thursday, January 04, 2018 | Comments(0)

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Make your TROG dreams come true! 1947 Harley-Davidson Knucklhead "TT" Race bike! -Rebuilt motor with OEM Stock Harley Cases that are matched (see pics). OEM Heads! No Junk! Magneto fired, magneto modified to work with stock relay boss. -Transmission is Knucklehead 3- speed with reverse OEM Stock Harley -Gas tanks are real 46' tanks that have been "flatsided" and modified to run oil in the right tank, no under seat oil tank -45" springer front end with compete working front brake -Frame is mostly knucklehead, Drop outs ans side car loops are oem harley , neck is re-pop, the top seat post mount is not correct. Its from a shovelhead (stronger). Easy repair to make frame 100% restored. -Home made Handle bars, Straight pipe with cool old fishtail tip. Bear products seat and p-pad, Guide headlight, 18" wheels, chrome primary setup, sparto tail light, Linkert Carb, Dog bone risers, Beck Grips -Lights do work! both are LED with Lithium Ion battery to run them, total loss system, but work really well and will last quite a while. Take the, off for the track or run them for street use -Clear title No Reserve! Bid early ad often! Don't miss this one!

Sold at: 1/3/2018 19:49
Sold Price:$21,050
# of Bids:48
Location:Lannon, Wisconsin

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